In today’s society, young decent men are rare to find. This problem has become so serious that A.J. Kieling even wrote a book about it called Where Have All the Good Men Gone? in 2008

When we think of young men today, we think of metrosexual, hipster, and unmanly guys who can’t bait a hook, skin a buck, and dress like rugged men. It seems as though manly men are a symbol of the past and now are officially gone. Ladies, yes, there are unfortunately fewer young men who qualify as marriage material today. However, decent men still exist. Keep these 10 qualities in mind when looking for Mr. Right, so you don’t lose sight of him:

Strong moral code
A man who abides by a moral code is definitely a keeper. He is the type of man who knows the difference between right and wrong. He always grounds his decisions in life on an understanding of a high moral ground. A man who prides himself in morality and becomes your future husband will definitely instill moral values in your children.

Good relationship with his family
A man who has a close and loving relationship with his family is a man you want to be with. This type of man knows the importance of family and truly cherishes family time. He will  most likely place great importance on family after he marries you and begins to raise a family with you. Also, a man who treats his mother with respect will most likely treat you with respect and is obviously worth having as a husband.

Understands the sanctity of marriage
A man who is marriage material truly understands the real purpose and importance of marriage. He will most likely uphold a life-long commitment of fidelity and love to you and the children that will potentially result from your marriage. Since cohabitation and the hookup culture have now become norms in our society, you don’t want to miss out on being with a man who wants to pursue a life-long marriage with you.

Respects human life
Ladies, a man who values the sanctity of human life from womb to tomb is not only worth swooning over, but also makes for a great husband. A man who knows that human life is precious will be more open to welcoming children into the world after you get married. He will also do his best to ensure that the elderly in your family are cared for, protected, and live their life to the fullest.

Hard work ethic 
A man who has a hard work ethic is marriage material. He will never give up when working towards his ambitions. He will always work hard to provide your future family financial support, no matter what circumstances come his way. He will also instill this same value in your future children. A man stricken with a case of the “entitlement mentality” is not a great catch for your future anyways.

Shared life goals
A man who shares similar life goals with you will make for a great husband. Sharing that similarity with you, he will most likely support your efforts in life. He will always be there to comfort you when you hit your lows and rejoice with you when you achieve your goals. Walking along the same trajectory in life, you both will most likely maintain a strong marriage, despite any setbacks you may face.

Honors your femininity 
A man who recognizes your beauty, inside and out, and honors your femininity is worth keeping. He will respect you as a woman and have a better understanding of your purpose in your marriage. He will value you completely, not only for your physical appearance or features. A man who cherishes this quality in a woman will also teach his daughters to maintain their femininity and self-worth as they get older.      

A man who puts others before himself and gives a helping hand to those in need is a man you should not overlook. A man who values selflessness will most likely be a loving, supportive husband and father. When he becomes your husband, he will also encourage your children to be charitable towards others in your community. A man who has a heart for humanity is a man you want to be with for the rest of your life.

A man who is faithful not only to you, but also to God, will make for a great husband. This type of man will value and uphold the vows he made to you on your wedding day. He will also value your importance in his life as his wife and the mother to his children. His faithfulness to you will also underlie the steps he takes to keep your marriage stable for your children. In addition, a God-fearing man will let God unify and strengthen your relationship, will highly prioritize your marriage, and will make sure morals form the foundation of your family.

Knows his purpose in life 
A man who knows his purpose in life is a man worth marrying. He will remain confident while pursuing his life’s goals and what drives his soul. Because he knows his purpose, he will probably be more career-driven, despite any shortcomings he may face. Since he has this quality, he will continue to be an inspirational force in your life after you two are married.

Yes, good men are becoming more scarce in America, but know in your heart that there is a man out there in our generation who would love to make you his wife one day. Likewise, he has a similar plightfinding a young lady to marry who cherishes her femininity, does not conform to our morally decayed culture, and is not swayed by the false promises of third-wave feminism.

A decent man that you want to share a beautiful marriage with is out there. Although he may not be easy to spot, he will come and sweep you off your feet when you least expect it. Just make sure that he has these 10 qualities, so you know you two are meant to be.

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10 thoughts on “10 Qualities Your Future Husband Must Have

  1. Oh, yeah? And what are you bringing to the table? Demands?

    I’m getting really sick of all these “X qualities that a guy should have” with the assumption that women DESERVE a good man. Maybe you don’t. Maybe you should start taking a look at yourself and assessing whether you deserve a guy like this.

  2. Describes me except for the one about good relationship with my family. When they were alive, I never had a good relationship with my parents. Long story, but now they are both dead as well as my grandparents, aunts and uncles. Since I was much younger than my cousins, I never had any relationship with them when I was a kid, so they are nothing more than blood relatives to me now. Wouldn’t know most of them if I were standing in line at the grocery store behind them.

  3. Ben, you are really bitter. And sound like a lazy man who wants things to be done for you and you just loaf around the house. Trust me, if you do this and have children, they will wonder why you even got married if you can’t even provide for them and watch your wife wake up every morning to work while you sleep and expect things to be done. Not fighting anyone but yes, I speak from experience. Seeing my mother struggle to give us a good life is hard when my dad refuses to provide for us. I’d rather stay single than get married and possibly risk a husband doing that to me; quitting his job and deciding ‘to stay home and not work anymore’ . Whether we want to accept it or not, men are made to take care of their wives and families. Great Post 🙂

    1. Thank you Bay, its even more harder if you come from work tired but you still have to cook for someone who was sleeping the whole day.

    2. I am encouraged by your words. That is what I am going through. I have a husband who stays at home doing nothing while I work , feed the family and pay the children’s fees with my little income. What do we to this kind of man?

  4. Im just a kid my mom all ways work and my dad they are no time for me they have a good realition ship as a maried they love each other and they dont fight

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