Here at Counter Cultured, we profile young movers and shakers who are changing the political, cultural, and/or financial landscape for the better. Our generation is not as lazy, entitled, or self-serving as one would think. There are plenty of young conservatives and libertarians out there who are innovative, principled, and determined to enact positive change. We hope our interviews offer some glimmer of hope for a highly discounted and undervalued demographic.

Today we are profiling Alexandra Booze, an entrepreneurial Millennial and media relations specialist based in Washington, D.C. She and her friend Karen co-founded East Coast Contessas, a popular food and travel blog.

I first connected with Alexandra online a year ago given our shared mutual interests and connections here in D.C. (Don’t be afraid to connect with fellow counter cultural Millennials online or off-line, dear readers!) Our travels recently brought both of us to the Windy City, so we decided to meet up. There, we chatted about politics, food, and travel and became instant friends.

A native of Kentucky, Alexandra has demonstrated that Millennials can take their passions to great heights and even make a business out of it. Her blog has already amassed nearly 16,000 followers on Instagram and attracts decent engagement on Facebook. As a result of their blogging efforts reviewing dining establishments and hotels, many brands have approached the East Coast Contessas to partner with them.

Alexandra was kind enough to answer some questions from us. Check out her responses below!

To learn more about East Coast Contessas, like them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Be sure to connect with Alexandra on Twitter and Instagram too!
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